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Learn airflow principles such as quantitative flow rates, velocities, correction factors, CFM, duct layout, total pressures, static pressures, velocity pressures, temperature correction, pressure correction, static regain, pressure loss, friction, non-ohmic resistance, and system pressure profiles. Master principles such as the mass conservation law, point-continuity equation, and Bernoulli equation. Learn fan proportional, square and cube laws, interpret fan curves, fan selection, static efficiency, horsepower, rpm, drive-pulley, and sheave and belt relationships. Calculate internal pressure drops, total external pressure loss, filter resistance, static pressure control, offset control and room pressurization cascades.

Gain a working knowledge of differential and integral calculus as it applies to physics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and HVAC.

Learn cold water, hot water, glycol, and pump operation. Read and interpret pump curves, impeller sizes, rpm, and energy calculations. Understand pump free flow, gravitational effect, and dead-head calculations, net positive suction head and primary/secondary pump calculations. Interpret circuit setters and balancing valves, water chillers, heat exchangers and cooling tower systems.

Learn to estimate heat loss, cooling load, coil heat transfer, tonnage, latent and sensible cooling load calculations. Understand temperature control, humidity control, dehumidification, desiccation, relative humidity, and moisture grains. Learn face/bypass coils, economizer and make-up return damper arrangements. Grasp single blade, parallel blade and opposed blade airflow characteristics, non-linearity, equal percentage, and damper authority.

Read and utilize a psychrometric chart, calculate moisture, specific enthalpy, dry bulb, wet bulb, relative humidity, and intensive and extensive properties of air. Perform calculations of dehumidification and cooling, heating, and humidification.  Calculate BTU/Hr. and tonnage for mixed airstreams. Learn the underlying physics behind air density, molarity and mass, mass and volume flow, dry and moist air as well as absolute and gauge pressure.

Understand static pressures, omnidirectionality, air pressure cascades, inches and feet of water, pascals, and psi. Learn about pressure gauges, micromanometers, incline gauges, Hooke gauges, Magnehelics™, Minihelics™, and Photohelics™, Sensocon™, differential gauges, barometric and atmospheric pressures.  Understand duct pressure losses, negative pressure requirements, design velocities, Ak, and Kv factors.

Learn and understand pressure dependent and pressure-independent control valves, Phoenix valves, system powered valves and venturi valves, CAV and VAV valves, fume hood and exhaust BSC valve applications. Differentiate between passive pressure control, active pressure control, CFM-offset control, night setback, occupancy, and enthalpy override.

All these topics and more are presented in a unique and proprietary fashion customized for cleanroom certifiers and professionals with plenty of real-world examples. A complete understanding of these concepts places you, the certifier, on equal footing with air balancers, control contractors, HVAC engineers, product sales representatives, and gives you confidence in site troubleshooting and remediation. Be able to recognize the differences on-site between problem-solvers and smoke-blowers to better service your clients and your profession.  Make your job sites more certifier-friendly and direct the associated professions to service you, the ultimate cleanroom arbiter, in a persuasive, properly confrontational, and professional manner.


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