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About Us

About Us

VTG, LLC's core competency is Cleanroom Performance Testing for our advanced manufacturing and GMP customers. VTG specializes in critical environment certification testing, decontamination, cleaning, and consulting worldwide. Having over 23+ years of experience in servicing cleanrooms. We provide onsite field services for clean construction, protocol management and training.

VTG, LLC of New England’s mission is to provide the highest quality services, troubleshooting, and remediation for the client industries. When quality matters, VTG is your vendor of choice. VTG provides objective analysis. VTG is result-oriented and has depth-of-service to address any of your cleanroom issues in a professional and competent fashion.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


We strive to make a difference in our global community by providing products and solutions that impact humankind and our planet in a positive way.    


To work with smart and hard-working people to provide expert-level, reliable testing, characterization, validation, and certification services of indoor critical environments, structures, and materials.    


Integrity: Honesty in purpose and intent Accountability: Candid ownership of our personal and corporate activities Reliability: Trust and confidence in our interactions and service products Respect: Acknowledgement of another’s intrinsic worth Kindness: Charitable behavior to all Fairness: Equity and opportunity for all.

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Tiffany A. Russell has more than 23 years of international industry experience in cleanroom performance and indoor critical environment testing.

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Email: [email protected]

Mindi J. Young has more than 21 years of industry experience in cleanroom performance and indoor critical environment testing. Mindi is a NEBB Cleanroom Performance Testing Certified Professional.

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Matthew C. Lemieux has over 43 continuous years of field experience as a biological safety cabinet certifier, air, and water balancer & cleanroom certifier and design engineer.

Mr. Lemieux has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University, a Massachusetts E.I.T. registration, an associate degree in electronics engineering from ITT Technical Institute, a former Massachusetts HVAC license, Eagleson Institute honor member recognition, and has been an ANSI/NSF-49 accredited biological safety cabinet certifier since 1997. He is a NEBB CPT-CP Certified Professional as well as a CETA accredited RCCP-SCF for sterile compounding facilities, ASHRAE-110 fume hoods and cleanrooms. He is a NEBB CPT committee member and regular contributor to the NEBB Professional publication and CETA Performance Review.

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Kellie has over 30 years of experience in cleanroom field operations as a service manager for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, sterile compounding, defense, and semiconductor industries. Her core competencies extend from scheduling, dispatching, client support, customer relations, troubleshooting, reporting, and quality assurance. She has managed detailed operations for as many as 12 full-time service personnel with multi-million dollar revenue.

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Matthew Stewart

Matthew Stewart, Project Manager, and Quality Representative, is a New Hampshire native who started with VTG in 2023. With 9 years of prior experience in the field, Matt obtained his NEBB CPT CT Certification in 2019 and has been NSF 49 accredited since 2016. Matt believes in prompt communication and that quality is key.

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Jenne Portillo

Jenne Portillo, NEBB CPT CT, has roughly 10 years of industry experience in cleanroom performance and indoor critical environment testing. She is the PNW Program Manager at VTG, LLC. and works closely with all team members to implement and improve programs to achieve overall growth and success in our industry. While focusing on CPT, Jenne is working towards getting her Cx and BET certifications to broaden her knowledge in the overall industry.

As a carpenter, Jenne started her career in the cleanroom industry by joining a team and was able to learn the methodology of cleanroom construction. Years later, this experience would apply to all testing of critical environments. Starting in Texas and now living in the PNW, Jenne has been able to work with customers all over the country (and even the globe), meeting all needs and expectations given.

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Samuel Kincaid

Samuel Kincaid has over 20 years of experience working in sound and acoustics in both academia and industry.  Half of that working in the semiconductor industry building acoustics labs and measurement tools, as well as setting metrics and targets for new technologies.  Throughout his career Sam has worked as an acoustics consultant for both airborne and structure borne sound and vibration.

Clint Fogg
Clint Fogg

clint fogg

Specializing in Engineering Project Management for Building Commissioning, Energy Assessments, HVAC Optimization, Building Automation and Environmental Monitoring Systems and cGMP Commissioning and Qualification activities.

Experience in the Power Generation Field, including Operations, Maintenance, Reliability, Quality - Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Environmental, and Safety - OSHA VPP

Provide project management for commissioning and validation services to bio-tech, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and general building commissioning. Experienced in front end controls systems for testing and operation of facility equipment, design review and verification of sequence of operations for building equipment including critical operating points, settings and alarms, control System monitoring point selection, engineering support work including: P&ID verification and redlining, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) generation and revision, system reviews for improvements and various other engineering tasks.

Hold the following certifications: Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP), Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Specialty: Certified Building Commissioning Professional, Certified Energy Auditor


Kyle Mulder

Kyle has been in the industry since 2004 as a field technician. Since then, he has been accredited by: National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) for cleanroom performance testing as a certified professional, Controlled Environment Testing Association (CETA) for sterile compounding facility testing, and National Sanitization Foundation (NSF) for testing of class II biosafety cabinets. Kyle also serves on committees across the certification community on NSF 49 joint committee, NEBB CPT committee, CETA CAG 002. 003. 009. 011, 013, and 014, ASHRAE 170 committee, IEST-RP-CC050 for USP 800 suite design and construction and is involved with constant discussion on all aspects revolving around contamination control. He has also published multiple articles for the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC) and is constantly looking for ways to learn, and teach, more.